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The Little Bumblebees


What is the Little Bumblebees STEM Learning Program?

This is a Program to help children gently build confidence with technology through exposure and fun learning.

We run a hands on workshop that introduces a STEM topic through a combination of games, creative work that showcases the chosen STEM topic in action and human connection.

It is for parents and their children together, because part of the recipe for confidence with technology is that we share the experience with those that are dear to us.

Join our workshops to become a Little Bumblebee STEM Learner.  


Watch your child. Are they using your mobile phone, tablet/iPad, playing with any toys that light up, have motors that spin, move, talk, play music?

We know your answer is yes!

Technology is like magic to a child. Let's get them in early to experience the magic in a safe and nurtured way where they can transform their imagination and play into their own design and creation!

How do I sign up?

This Program has launched at NUBO in Sydney!

Wednesday at 11.30am at NUBO Alexandria

Thursday at 11.30am and 4.00pm at NUBO Chatswood

Bookings can be made directly through the NUBO website and at the reception of each NUBO centre for two year olds and upwards.

Each workshop runs for 30-45 minutes with a class maximum of 10 students.

We encourage parents/carers to participate with each child to learn together and to safely handle small parts which can be part of the workshop.

If you would like make an enquiry or sign up to get an email notification, please write to


Check out what's on


NSW term 4, 15 Oct-Nov 16


Sep/Oct School Holidays


This school term, Little Bumblebees will explore fun ways to learn about arithmetic, counting, telling time and numbers. Great for a gentle and creative way to introduce maths in children’s lives!

We’ll also be returning to electronics and arts and crafts at Halloween where we’ll all make our own pumpkin lanterns that glow with light! Only at NUBO Alexandria on October 31st! Sign up online to secure your place!

These school holidays, children collaborated to create a neighbourhood of homes, each with their very own lucky star to watch over. Every home was uniquely drawn and coloured in and each lucky star was attached as a individual LED on a parallel circuit. At Little Bumblebees, we love using Chibitronics LEDs!

NSW term 3, 23 Jul-28 Sep



July School Holidays Launch, 7-22 Jul

This school term, Little Bumblebees STEM Learning travelled Around The World with NUBO.

We started with learning about the marching path of electrons, just like the marching emperor penguins of Antarctica.

Then we travelled to Africa to cross the desert plains by building bridges that act like an electrical switch that connect and disconnect when the bridge is drawn.

Next stop, we sailed the pirate seas over the Caribbean, where we learned about resistance by creating a path of electrical resistance and a path without resistance to reach the pirate’s treasure!

Back to Africa, and we visited Ancient Egypt where we created our own four dimensional pyramids that contained a parallel circuit to light them up, just like a night light for our bedside.

Last stop was Japan, where we discovered the sacred art of folding paper through origami to send messages of peace. We told Marcus Pfister’s story of the rainbow fish, who shared all but one of his beautiful scales with the other fish by making our own glowing scale out of an LED on our very own origami fish.


Electronics through storytelling

Through the art of storytelling, we will take your children on a journey to create the electronic building blocks that bring energy and brightness to things that light up! We'll design circuit pathways to light up the page in a safe and fun way so that our story has a before and after to tell.

Explaining STEM


STEM is an acronym that stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths.

We don't have a single agreed upon definition because it means more than those four words individually. STEM includes education and communication of science technology engineering and maths as much as it is about practising it as a profession in life.

We value STEM learning, especially here in Australia, because it enhances our ability to solve problems for sustaining and improving our lives. This includes building friendships and communities to work together to solve some of the most challenging global and societal problems.

Technology plays a vital role in our lives. Sometimes it is obvious how much we use and rely on it for everyday life and work. Yet other times, it is not obvious that an understanding of how technology works and the information that it can process is what amplifies our ability to solve non-technology problems. These can be social, cultural, environmental, human health and much more.

That is why it is important to foster a healthy curiosity of our technological world in young minds. We cannot predict what this knowledge will yield in the future, but we do believe that inspired and courageous minds are better prepared to embrace a complex future.  It may take many years to build confidence and competence in any STEM topic. The Little Bumblebees Program was created to start and nurture that educational journey.

*Sometimes the term STEM is interchanged with the term STEAM where the 'A' represents arts. Or you may see it spelled as STEMM where the second ‘M’ represents medicine. They are not used here but are similar in that they represent skills that are an important investment for a brighter future.


About me

I call it disguising education as fun!

I am Dr. Su-en Williams (Suze) and my drive and passion is to inspire confidence in people to learn about technology. Not to fear it, but to be empowered to keep learning and apply their knowledge in what ever life profession they choose.

My doctoral study was in researching and employing deceptive techniques for computers to fool hackers using fake but believable computer networks that are called Honeypots. That led to the next decade of my life working in federal government in cyber security with a brief detour into the world of data analysis and visualisation.

Throughout my life, I have loved helping others enjoy and embrace various areas of Science Technology Engineering and Maths - STEM. I established community groups for shared learning, helped others to become mentors to younger generations and created many workshops for students and adults. We laughed, we were challenged and we built friendships over our mutual love for learning :)

When I had my daughter, I realised that a foundation for learning about technology can be created early in life. To me, this is where gender and cultural diversity in STEM is first nature. I learned that patience and gentle exposure were key ways to stoke the fires of curiosity. Edutopia and the Little Bumblebees Learning Program was hence created to foster that craving to see, touch and tear apart (aka reverse engineer) the intriguing magic of technology!

It is my hope and the Edutopia dream to provide entertaining and educational experiences for not just young children, but also through their many years of school and sometimes many more years of tertiary or vocational study. Right up until they are practitioners that will ultimately be faced with balancing the rigours of life, work, family with their on-going professional (and technical) development. 

The methods may change over time, but the enduring message will be to nurture learning through fun and exposure.



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