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The Little Bumblebees


What is the Little Bumblebees STEM Learning Program?

This is a Program to help children gently build confidence with technology through exposure and fun learning.

We run a hands on workshop that introduces a STEM topic through a combination of games, creative work that showcases the chosen STEM topic in action and human connection.

It is for parents and their children together, because part of the recipe for confidence with technology is that we share the experience with those that are dear to us.

Join our workshops to become a Little Bumblebee STEM Learner.  


Watch your child. Are they using your mobile phone, tablet/iPad, playing with any toys that light up, have motors that spin, move, talk, play music?

We know your answer is yes!

Technology is like magic to a child. Let's get them in early to experience the magic in a safe and nurtured way where they can transform their imagination and play into their own design and creation!

How do I sign up?

Where: this Program is launching at in July 2018

How: bookings can be made by contacting Nubo directly or through their website

What age: ages 3-5 at Nubo Alexandria during the day | ages 4-6  at Nubo Chatswood after school

Workshops will have up to 10 children participants including one adult per child and will run for 45mins each workshop, for 6 consecutive weeks

How much: $15 a child for a workshop (accompanying adult is free)

Dates and times to be announced by June 2018

July and August workshop details.

*Little Bumblebees STEM Learning workshop: electronics through storytelling*

What to bring: an open mind... your shoes and an adult

Note that an adult must be present with each child to encourage learning together and to safely handle small parts which can be part of the workshop.

Enquire about Little Bumblebees at